Moving testimonials

The presenters at the congress were doctors and researchers with a huge knowledge about health and well-being. Many of them wrote many books and have done research on different topics all their life.

Braco was welcomed as a special guest who did just his gazing, without theories or speeches. The audience was used to get answers and pose questions, yet the silence of the gaze was all they got. And that was a lot.

A man in the audience told for the media that he has received something huge. "I don't understand what was happening, but in this few minutes a lot has moved in me. I even can not give an interview, as I need some time to digest this experience, it was just so powerful."



Braco at Congress 'Spirit of Health'

Berlin, 2018

The Spirit of Health Congress presents renowned speakers from the field of research and practical use of holistic healing, effective therapies and sustainability.

At the third congress on March 3, 2018 in Berlin, Germany, Braco was a special guest and presented his silent gaze to the interested audience.

The visitors were deeply impressed, hardly found the words for their experience. A woman said that it was simply such a huge relief, she even doesn’t know, what fell off of her, but she feels lighter than ever before.

The biggest German media came to report about Braco.