Gathering with Braco
Renewal Follows Unconventional Gathering with Braco

Lisa Bless really needed a miracle. She was depressed and had been since her childhood. Then her husband lost his job when his employer went out of business.

But Bless, an Indianapolis resident, didn’t plunge deeper into depression. She did just the opposite. Her depression suddenly vanished. Entirely.

Just as quickly, her business improved–in the midst of the same stinking economy that had left her husband jobless.

Bless credits these results to her encounters with Braco (pronounced Braht-zo) in Indianapolis last April. More than 6,000 tickets were sold to sessions with him for a two-day event. ABC, NBC, and FOX news, including Indianapolis’ FOX 59, have done features on Braco, along with Inside Edition and the Univision network.

A native of Croatia, Braco is a healer, according to many who visit him, but he refuses to call himself a healer. He doesn’t guarantee results. And he doesn’t even speak or touch those who come to see him.

Indeed, he hasn’t spoken publicly in eight years. He merely stands before large groups of people and silently gazes at them for five to seven minutes. Those in attendance frequently claim to be able to feel his energy and to be healed by it.

“I felt the sensation of being filled with unconditional love and the most peaceful, contented feeling of safety,” recalls Bless, a certified massage therapist. She adds that her company, Healing Energy Massage, doubled its revenues the first week after the gazing sessions, just through word of mouth, and that this business level has remained constant. 

Likewise, the depression that she suffered “from a post-traumatic stress disorder” since childhood has not returned. “I feel much more sure of myself and my decisions. I feel like the truth has been awakened in me of my true potential and ability…I can never thank Braco enough for sharing his gift. I tell everyone about him.”

Oh yes, and during the three sessions Bless attended in April, she also asked Braco to help her husband. By June, she says, he had found a new job.

Braco returns to Central Indiana for more gazing sessions on October 4 and 5 at The Fountains Banquet & Conference Center in Carmel. Eight dollars is charged for each session and proceeds are used to cover travel and event production costs. Organizers say that Braco receives no income from the gazing sessions. They are scheduled one per hour and each includes an introduction to Braco, a gazing, a brief period for silent reflection and a question-and-answer segment.

Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the sessions. Women who are pregnant beyond the first trimester may also not attend. Braco’s energy is said to be intense. Thus these two groups are excluded from the gazing sessions.

Many individuals are repeat attendees. Solanyel Yames, for instance, first attended a gazing session with Braco last April and returned to see him again when he appeared in Carmel in June.

An Indianapolis resident, Yames, recalls that she was “stuck” and “stressed out” about her finances before the Braco gazings in April. Once there, however, she felt peace come over her as she observed him on stage. Shortly thereafter she felt inspired to start bringing cakes to social events. The desserts were such hits that she received numerous requests for them—and launched a successful catering business while keeping her regular job.

Sometimes the results are more intangible, such as those Brown County holistic veterinarian Dr. Lisa Pantzer observed after Braco’s April visit. She volunteered to work at the event and also attended gazing sessions. As many attendees throughout the world do, Dr. Pantzer brought photos of loved ones who were not able to attend the sessions.

According to Dr. Pantzer, tbere was an remarkable change in one of the three individuals whose photos she wore on her name badge during the sessions. “Immediately, after the session, he opened up more than he ever had before,” she says. “We speak almost daily and I am a part of his life.“

“I think the biggest shifts may be the small changes that can occur in many lives. If we can connect more often and deeper with family, neighbors and friends and if we learn to live life with our hearts open, that is a bigger gift than any cancer cure! In fact, we may be preventing those diseases we fear so much!”

Or, as Rev. Michael Beckwith, who was featured in the bestselling DVD The Secret, summarizes the whole phenomenon, “Braco is the real thing.”

Indianapolis / September 2011 edition of Natural Awakenings
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