Next visit is already arranged

Already weeks before, Braco was announced on the official website of Feira Alternativa and those who received the newsletter of the fair and heard about the chance to see Braco were already very excited. Some have heard about his gazing in Lisbon through the Live Streaming event on

The organisers Jorge Coelho and Marisa Ferreira were keen on having Braco at their fair. Marisa told, that she saw a picture of Braco and immediately felt something special.

The upcoming event in Portugal was arranged already before Braco left the fair - Jorge and Marisa want to bring Braco also to Porto in October of this year. More information you can find here on

Braco at Feira Alternativa in Lisbon, September 9 & 10, 2017

Among many presenters, Braco was the main act at the fair, attracting around 1300 people to experience his silent gaze, most of them for the first time.

Feel the atmosphere through a short VIDEO about the event in Lisbon .

There were two group gazing encounters with Braco per day. The impressions were amazing and many tears were flowing in the audience.

Already at the first day of arrival, it was clear that Portugal will let us bath in the richness of its nature and the kindness of the Portuguese people. The strong wind greeted us when we made our first steps from at our destination, softened by the warm sunshine, which felt together like a symbol  of Portugal - strong and warm.