"About a month later I went to the doctors and got new tests performed (MRI, CT scans, ultrasounds, etc.) and very surprised doctors told me they did not know what had happened, that I did not have the disease anymore. One doctor told me, "You were healed by a miracle."

Julio, his friends and family travelled far to the center in Zagreb, Croatia, to see Braco in person. When there was no chance to travel,  Julio and his Mexican friends from Puerto Vallarta even celebrated Ivica's birthday in their homes in Mexico (pictures on the right). Now they could see Braco in their own country!


From the Dominican Republic to Mexico

Braco is travelling to different countries and sometimes an invitation for gazing comes unexpected. This happened in the Dominican Republic, where Braco was a special guest at the II. World Conference on Peace and Light .

His gaze was appreciated by the international audience and one of the guests at the event was especially keen on bringing Braco's gaze to the people in her country, as she felt it was so much needed there too.

Laura Esquivel invited Braco

The joy was big, when we announced that Braco is coming to Mexico for gazing sessions! The group from Puerto Vallarta, who regularly watches Braco Live Streaming , organised the travelling to Mexico city, where the event took place.

Braco's invitation to Mexico event came from Laura Esquivel, a screenwriter and author of the novel Like Water for Chocolate, which was a bestseller and reached more that 4 million people around the world.

Laura was touched after gazing with Braco in Punta Cana at the II. World Conference on Peace and Light, organised by Dr. Angel Luis Fernandez. She was overwhelmed by the power of his gaze and said that Braco was needed also in Mexico. She came as a special guest also to the world premiere of the documentary film about Braco 'Power of Silence' in New York City in October 2016. There the conversation about Braco's visit to Mexico continued.

In New York, Laura definitely decided to organise Braco's visit in Mexico. The preparations started and soon the dates were announced. Gazing encounters with Braco were planned for May 24 and 25 in Coyoacan in Mexico city.

In the streets of Mexico

On May 22 Braco travelled to Mexico City. What awaited him was a different world, yet so welcoming and beautiful! Braco was walking in the streets of Coyoacan, which is the part of Mexico city where culture and art are created and alive. He visited the museum of the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. In the evening, Braco watched the traditional mexican dance, which is presented by many young people every day at the main square in Coyoacan.

The center of Mexico city has a rich history and Braco took a look at the findings from the old Mayan culture, which are visible at so many places there. They told us also, that the main cathedral in Mexico city was actually built on the top of the old pyramid, which is obviously right now still in the center of the town, yet under the ground.

Braco tried some Mexican food, which is really delicious, and besides tortillas one can even try other specialities, which are more than unusual for us Europeans.

The Event was magical

The day of the event came and people gathered in front of the Cultural Forum Coyoacanense "Hugo Argüelles" in Coyoacan. It was exciting for the visitors, as most of them have not experienced the gazing before.

Laura Esquivel came to the stage and introduced Braco and his work. After that Krishna Kantha, a well known man from Thailand, played his special chrystal bowls to help people to relax and open for Braco's gaze. In that magical atmosphere everyone was open and ready for Braco's silent gaze.

Laura announced the gazing encounter and Braco came to the stage. When he started to gaze at the crowd, powerful silence was present and everyone looked into his eyes.

A different country, yet the human side of us is the same and it reacts with peace, tears and a feeling of gratitude, as many reported afterwards. The gazing was over and everyone was like in a deep state of meditation. With thankfulness, people left the event and took with them that what came through Braco's gaze.

Impressions from the gazing

Laura introduced Braco to a popular singer in Mexico, Ms. Susanna Harp.

Susanna: "I felt Braco's gaze very deeply and was overwhelmed by a deep energy and peace that came in my heart when I looked into his eyes."

After the event the group from Puerto Vallarta gathered and some wanted to share about their experiences they have had with Braco's gaze:

Jose: "I'm so happy that Braco is here in Mexico for the first time. It is a great privilege and we are very emotional. We receive through him love, peace, inner growth. I myself got help through Braco's gaze and we have many testimonials from our group from Puerto Vallarta, which are a result of Braco's energy. We are very happy and wish that he returns to Mexico soon."

Lady from Puerto Vallarta: "Braco, we are so happy that you are here. You have helped me so much with my whole family. I have better relationship with my children, I have much more energy for my everyday tasks. Many personal situations have improved through your gaze and your loving energy. Thank you."

At Laura's place

Laura invited Braco to see the first version of one of her best selling books at her home. Braco looked at each page with much care and respect. Many details show that Laura is fully commited to her work with which she wants to touch people.

She told Braco about her inspiration, how she feels about writing and arts and also what she thinks of the gazing he does and what it means to the people. She thinks it is important that each one of us shares that which we receive through Braco, with other people also. She also wants to pass it on to the many people she meets every day, simply by being in the positive state which arises when she gazes with Braco.

She also took the chance to show him interesting things from her life, that she has collected. As a wonderful host, she took care for a delicious traditional lunch (picture on the left). The recipe for that meal is from her book 'Like Water for Chocolate', she told us.

The pyramids

Laura took Braco to see the famous Teotihuacan, which is an ancient Mesoamerican city, located in a sub-valley of the Valley of Mexico, around 40 kilometres away from modern-day Mexico City. It is known today as the site of many of the most architecturally significant Mesoamerican pyramids built in the pre-Columbian Americas. It is international heritage. The city is thought to have been established around 100 BC, with major monuments continuously under construction until about 250 AD.

Teotihuacan began as a new religious centre in the Mexican Highlands around the first century AD. This city came to be the largest and most populated centre in the pre-Columbian Americas. Many say there is a high energy at this place. Huge, old stone blocks, the Moon Pyramid and the Sun Pyramid are creating together a special place, where so much has happened in history.

At the top of the Sun pyramid Braco stood still and looked at Mexico City. People would walk by, but he took his time to feel the place in peace. After we left the top of the Sun pyramid, suddenly we saw a circle around the sun. It looked beautiful, a clear circle, shining in mostly white, but also other colors of the spectrum. It must have appeared shortly after Braco looked at Mexico city from the top of the Pyramid. 


Come back

Braco's visit to Mexico was special, for him and also for the visitors of the gazing event. There will be more gazing encounters with Braco in Mexico in future for sure, as there were invitations already for Braco to return. 

Until then the group from Puerto Vallarta told us that they gather together and watch the online gazing on Braco Live Streaming and many have the sun symbol which is always with them. It reminds them that everything is possible. 


Mexico - first contact online

Braco's gaze reaches also people who never saw Braco in person. Julio's wish came true when after regular online gazing with Braco a live gazing event in Mexico city was announced.

Julio César and many others from México and abroad had the chance to experience the gaze in Mexico on  May 24 & 25, 2017

Julio: “In early 2012 I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. I was in the fourth stage of four, and four different rheumatologists independently had given the same incurable diagnosis. I began to gaze with Braco by live streaming in December 2012. Soon I started to experience the manifestation of getting better and better every time I gazed."