Bringing Braco's Gaze to our homes: Reaching hearts through Live Streaming (video)

Session by session, layer by layer, the burdens of the past seem to fall off and make room for fresh, joyful feelings, a silent excitement, a feeling of being home again. Some call the experience of Braco's Gaze live streamed on the internet “the chance for a new beginning”.

Watching the live streamed gaze of a man on the Internet may be a new experience for many. Yet, the renowned US online paper "The Huffington Post" called Braco a “guru with nothing to say", and people claim to have found inner strength and sometimes all-encompassing solutions to life problems - simply in the silence of online or live gazing with Braco.

You can read numerous testimonials here on our website: What visitors say - What experts say or watch Video testimonials about Braco's Gaze.



What is Live Streaming?

It is a global live internet transmission of a Braco gazing session and Braco gazes directly into the camera. People anywhere in the world who have access to the Internet can join the gazing sessions from their computers, tablets or smart phones connected to the Internet. It is very simple, through Live Streaming, to meet Braco´s Gaze without having to travel to live events. A Live Streaming session begins with a short introduction and after that one stands up in front of the screen and meets Braco's gaze online for about 5 minutes, in silence. The schedule for online encounters with Braco is always available on our homepage. 

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Open for everyone

Live Streaming has grown into a regularly scheduled event. At the moment, we have two different streaming teams, one from Russia and one from Croatia, Europe. Live Streaming from Russia has been open for everyone and free of charge since the very beginning. The transmissions from the US and later from Europe, however, used to have a ticketing system until 2014, to cover the costs of the project.

In May 2014 the Russian Live Stream-Team offered for the first time ever all gazing encounters with Braco for free, here at People from numerous countries in the world, from different cultures, religions and lifestyles, watched the free streams together, and later many reported feeling an extraordinary sense of peace and strength.

Soon after that, people would start to send emails and messages, saying that they wish to support Live Streaming with a contribution , so that also the Streamings from Europe can be for free for everyone, just like the parallel online encounters with Braco from Russia. The first person who lovingly supported the project of Free Live Streaming is a wonderful artist from Austria. At live events with Braco in different European countries she shared with the live audience, that her "...biggest wish is to help people around the world, especially very busy people, those who are ill and in hospitals and families with small children, who are not able to travel to live events. Live Streaming should help them to get in contact with that what comes through Braco, no matter where they are and regardless of their income."

This artist became a role model for numerous viewers and soon the European team reacted to the wish of many, by placing the contribution button on the streaming website. Now, we ensure the future of the project of Free Live Streaming from Europe together. Since the Live Streaming started to be free for everyone, the number of viewers has been growing. Today, thousands from up to 90 different countries join the online gazing simultaneously. 

How it started

Live Streaming is an important expansion in Braco's work on behalf of the people. In 2009, it took on this new dimension with a group of people in Hawaii, USA. This group had the idea to bring the Gaze to a larger audience via the internet. Until then Braco has been gazing only at live events, and everyone was curious, if his gaze would also affect people online. The testing was done and it was clear, that distance is no barrier: people felt Braco's gift online.

In the beginning, it was through a simple Skype transmission which later would evolve into a professional Live Stream managed by a dedicated US team. In 2013, Live Streaming started to be offered by the European team.

Today we have Live Streaming from Russia and Live Streaming from Europe where Braco shares his gift with the visitors online. Maybe we are all searching for the same, for quiet and peace in our hearts, in our families and communities, in our world. Through Live Streaming, Braco`s Peaceful Gaze becomes available to the people regardless of their nationality, religion or lifestyle, to young and old, to the wealthy and the poor. In many, a feeling of connectedness grows when meeting Braco's gaze, making us feel like we are all one, regardless of what makes us different from the outside.

You can read here more about Braco's work since 1995.

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