Sept. 15, 2013, 9 a.m. - Sept. 17, 2013, 7 p.m.

Russian people:

On September 15, Braco was gazing in the Cultural Center of the city of Aleksejevka. Free shuttle busses were 

bringing people from the villages around Aleksejevka to the gazing. More than 3000 people experienced Braco's 

gaze, and reports about feelings of deep joy, love, relief and insight were enthusiastically shared. 

On September 16, Braco was gazing at the Belgorod Philharmonic Hall.

On September 17, Braco was gazing in the museum of Prokhorovka. Unexpectedly many people came to 

experience Braco's gift, therefore some of the gazings were quickly organized in front of the actual venue.


It is difficult to find the words to describe the trip of Braco to Russia, and the sessions with the openhearted 

people in this fascinating country. The three days in Aleksejevka, Belgorod and Prokhorovka were marked by 

unlimited hospitality, which not only expressed a huge respect for Braco and his work, but also a clean warmth, 

which came directly from the hearts of Braco’s hosts and his visitors. Braco and his team were deeply touched 

and impressed by these people and their big hearts, which met his gaze with complete openness and without any 

prejudice and limitations. Almost every report after the sessions brought up those magic words of goodness, 

kindness, love, light, release and the dissolving of inner barriers:

“I now feel soooo light, my soul is released and it feels like I could fly.“

“This was pure goodness, he radiates pure goodness, he is personified goodness.“

 “I am now 45 years old and I have never ever believed in anything. Since childhood, I have suffered from 

health problems, and also I could not have children. My family tried everything to help me, but I could 

never believe or trust in anything. When Braco gazed at me, I saw a sun and from this moment tears 

poured out of my eyes and they did not even stop after the session. Now I finally feel released and I see a 

picture of myself as a snow queen whose heart was frozen. Now this heart has been unfrozen and it is 


“Braco not only gazed at me, I feel like he went inside me—through me.“

“During the session, I experienced him like he has wings.“

“I feel and I know that he has cleaned my thoughts.“

“In his eyes, I saw the eye’s of my mother. It was her love and this feeling of security—which only she 

gave to me. His eyes and her eyes became one. Now I feel safe and secure again, and I know that 

everything is good and that I am protected.“

“I am suffering from severe diabetes and over time I lost the feelings of joy and happiness. After the first 

session, I felt that I am better. Now, after the second session, I feel better even more and I now want to 

live again and to go on living. I can feel joy again and I know that I am better.“

“I looked into his eyes and I tried to gaze at him as a person, but there was nobody any more, there was 

only light and sun. I felt that this light came out of him, or that it was flowing through him to us.“



How this invitation to Russia happened:

Braco was invited to Russia by the EFKO Company. 

Excerpt explaining how this company from Russia met Braco – from Belgorod News, published 9/9/13: 

Recently, the EFCO Company members from Alexeevka were on a business trip in Zagreb, and happened to 

come to the session of contemplation with Braco. Convinced of his gift, they decided to invite him as a guest to 

the Russian region of Belgorod. Braco accepted the invitation. His first visit to Russia will be held here, in 

Belgorod. The EFCO Company pays all the costs of these events in Russia, seeing the visit as a kind of charity.