Nov. 23, 2020, midnight - Nov. 23, 2020, 11:59 p.m.

For many years, thousands of visitors from all over the world have come to celebrate Braco`s birthday at the Center in Zagreb. And to thank for all the help received. Every guest was welcomed and lovingly hosted. In addition, Braco shared his Gaze with all his visitors in groups.

This year a big celebration is unfortunately not possible. But Braco will continue to share his Gaze with us 13 times via live stream on his birthday on November 23 at as usual from 5pm to 11pm CET.



Thank you for showing us the beauty of life, thank you for your countless gazings.

You make us feel that the world is a good place. You make us believe in a brighter future.

We love you and wish you that you stay with us for many many years! <3