June 26, 2016, 8 a.m. - June 26, 2016, 4 p.m.

Times and Tickets:

First session starts  at 8:00 am, last session starts at 3:45 pm. Each session lasts around 30 minutes.

Entrance fee: 5 € per ticket. No registration in advance required.


Contact Organizer:

Tel. +43 (0) 680 - 2147769


Private transportation options:

TRAVEL TO BRACO FROM BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, TO VIENNA ON 26 JUNE 2016! Contact: Ágnes Nemes + 36 (30) 3464842nemes.agi@freemail.hu

Departure from Budapest at 8.15 (Nagyvárad tér). Further possibilities of boarding the bus: 8.30 at Déli Pályaudvar (Hotel Mercure) and 8.45 in District 11 (junction of Budaörsi út – Sasadi út). Arrival in Vienna at 12.30. Possibility for 2 sessions with Braco, departure back to Hungary at about 3.00 pm. Arrival in Budapest between 6 and 7 pm. 

Legal Disclaimer

  • All gazing sessions take place in groups only.
  • Only adults (18 years+) may gaze with Braco. Children, and pregnant women past their 3rd month, should not gaze - rather, someone close may hold the child or person’s photo during the gaze to create a loving connection for any non-gazing individual.
  • Please note that participating in live events or live online encounters with Braco is not a replacement for medical treatment or consultation. Medical advice, prescribed therapies and treatments should be followed and continued for the duration your medical practitioner recommends both before and after participating.
  • Before attending the session, please read the Gazing Policy. Thank you.




Hotel Pyramide

Parkallee 2

2334 Vösendorf

(south of Vienna City Center)