May 4, 2014, 8 a.m. - May 8, 2014, 6 p.m.

Live Stream Schedule May 4 – 8, 2014 from Munich, Germany

On the new European streaming website:

People around the world are coming home to themselves through Braco's loving gaze, and more live streaming is making this possible. Join us in May for four days of Live Streaming from Munich!Thanks to the new streaming team & platform in Germany, people everywhere are now able to live stream more often with Braco in 2014. And because both English and German language options are offered, more visitors in more countries than ever before may enjoy all elements of the live streams, including the moving interviews, testimonials and film clips. 

This is an opportunity to join with friends and family to experience the nourishing gift Braco shares that has helped and bettered so many lives.

FREE STREAM on May 4th (Sunday) 

In USA:  8am EDT / 7am CDT / 6am MDT / 5am PDT

FREE STREAM on May 5th (Monday)

In USA:  9am EDT / 8am CDT / 7am MDT / 6am PDT

Live Stream Schedule

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NEW FREE LIVE STREAM on May 4 (Sunday) 

8am EDT /7am CDT / 6am MDT / 5am PDT

NEW May 4 (Sunday)

8am – 5pm EDT / 7am – 4 pm CDT / 6am – 3pm MDT / 5am – 2pm PDT

FREE LIVE STREAM on May 5 (Monday) 

9am EDT / 8am CDT / 7am MDT / 6am PDT

May 5 – 7 (Monday through Wednesday)

9am – 5pm EDT / 8am – 4 pm CDT / 7am – 3pm MDT / 6am – 2pm PDT

May 8 (Thursday)

3am – 11am EDT / 2am – 10am CDT / 1am – 9am MDT / 12midnight – 8am PDT

Streamed sessions begin each hour / All sessions Straight-to-Camera

Final session each day includes "The Voice"


  • Live Event Sessions: Streamed from live event location, with visitors attending each gazing session.
  • Straight to Camera: Braco gazes directly to the camera without a live audience present. Introduction will include film footage of Braco.
  • “The Voice“: Will be played after Braco gazes in designated sessions. "The Voice" is a 10 minute recording of Braco speaking and offers another way to receive this gift and deepen the experience. 

3.00 Euros for each Live Stream Session (approx. $4 USD)
Participate in as many sessions as you wish!
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