Terms of use for all materials placed on the website www.braco.me


1. General Terms

1.1. All published materials on the website www.braco.me are the property of Braco, except for materials from holders or sources which are specified by third parties.

1.2. The term materials on the website www.braco.me refers to news, reports, articles, photos, videos, graphics, sound works, and other data.

2. Terms of use for materials

2.1. Text materials placed on the website www.braco.me (excluding materials from holders or sources which are specified by third parties) may be reproduced, reprinted, and relayed in the media, in the amount of not more than 30% of the material with an obligatory hyperlink to www.braco.me and preserving meaning contained in the materials.

2.2. When using the text material in electronic form the hyperlink must be located in the first or second sentence. The hyperlink should be prominently displayed on the home page and in the relevant material taken from the webpage www.braco.me. Font size of hyperlinks should not be less than the font size of the text of the user, which uses the material of the site.

2.3. When using materials from the site in other media (print, radio, TV, etc) or on the Internet, the source www.braco.me must be indicated.

2.4. Individuals can use the site materials from www.braco.me in full for personal use (non-benefiting), including the use of blogs, personal pages on social networks, and so on, indicating the source and putting a hyperlink to the site www.braco.me.

2.5. Not permitted are copying, distribution, transmission to third parties, publication or other commercial use of these materials without the written permission of Braco or other respective owners. For all questions about consent for the use of information please write to info@braco.me.