The sun symbol is for some people a connection to that which comes through Braco.

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Simona, Italy

“Braco awakens something so sweet and beautiful in me that takes away the sorrow, the negative feelings and worries so I reflect this positivity on the people surrounding me. This energy helped me to overcome so many problems in my life starting from insecurity, depressive thoughts, misfortune…

I realized all of my dreams and wishes, and it was just Braco and the energy that comes from him and of course my sun symbol that is always around my neck. It’s like they switched my brain to another frequency.

Now I am a medical doctor, a successful wife, daughter and sister and I cannot wait to see what good will come next in my life and in the lives of all my loved ones. It is not difficult to follow my dreams when I have such a huge help from Braco.”


Elizabeth Jensen, USA

“My life and my perception of life have changed since being introduced to Braco. I found what I had been longing for, what we all are longing for. Now I find myself living in the present moment more. I don't worry so much about that which I can not change or have no control of in day to day challenges. When I gaze with Braco I feel as if I'm home, complete peace and unconditional love fill me.

The sun symbol pendant helps me to reconnect to the Source and I'm able to push through the hardships of life. I am grateful everyday for Braco and the Source. My wish is that everyone is able to experience this gift and to be able to truly live life to the fullest with happiness and joy :)”.

Miroslav, Slovenia

“Two years ago, after I had just lost my job, I went to a live event with Braco, and the same evening I received a phone call from a friend of mine, he called to offer me a job. Just now they've prolonged my contract, and now I have a permanent place at the job I love.

I come to Srebrnjak 1 to say thank you. I bought myself a ring with the sun symbol which reminds me that everything is possible.