Braco’s Giving Gaze

"Life is always worth living," Braco says. And he offers a gift, which has helped some people to once again feel open to life, and face its many challenges with inner stability, courage and calm.

Stories abound from people who have already had an encounter with Braco' Gaze, and frequent comments are made about renewed wholeness, self-discovery and heightened inner certainty. Some visitors also report warm feelings and physical sensations during a gazing experience with Braco. A myriad of feelings which include profound inner peace, a sense of safety and security, even deeply moving moments of tranquility, happiness and love are also reported by some who experience Braco's Gaze. All of these experiences enrich the potential within people for new hope and strength . As some say, Braco’s gift is alive within them, and they reinforce this strength through his Gaze.

An incredible diversity of  experiences told by visitors are recorded in the more than 90 film documentaries about Braco´s Giving Gaze. These testimonials include not only improvements in family life and career, but also positive life attitude changes and enriched living conditions. On some of these DVDs, cases of physical transformation have also been reported on by medical professionals whose patients have come to take part in a gazing experience, with sometimes startling improvements and even complete recoveries occurring afterward.

Braco makes no claims of being a healer and does not promise a cure to anyone. Instead, he offers to share something he perceives around us and within us that can restore harmony and balance.

In an encounter with his visitors, Braco offers no words, form of touch or display of movements. He has been gazing silently for groups of people in sessions since 2004, and shares his love and peace in this way.

Ways to Encounter the Gift

Warm feelings inspired by Braco´s Gaze through his peaceful and loving calm, can help people to make a spontaneous connection to the gift he shares.

There seems to be almost no limits to this gift, and it can be experienced in different forms; from meeting Braco's Gaze in a group, through the recording of his voice , through the films and books written about and by him, through the sun symbol that is deeply associated with his gift. Since 2011 Live Streaming seems to be a beautiful way of sharing Braco's Gaze, that can reach most people. Through online gazing, thousands from many different countries in the world can experience what some call "the chance for a new beginning". We receive testimonials from people who experience Braco's Gaze only live-streamed and report about improvements in well-being, relationships, career and life outlook.

As Braco continues to be invited to more countries and his travels expand further, new people will be offered the opportunity to take part in a gazing experience. This also means that his visits to specific countries and cities will become less frequent, yet the technology of live streaming online has offered a way to have regular access to Braco's Gaze in this form.

Gazing in a Group

The general format of a group gazing session with Braco follows:

After visitors are welcomed and brief introductory information about Braco and his gift is shared, sometimes including a film clip, Braco will come on stage. He will stand in front of the group. During the five to seven minute duration of him sharing his Gaze, he remains peacefully calm and motionless. His Gaze embraces the whole group, and he may not look at every single person individually. There are no therapeutic actions and he neither speaks to his visitors, nor touches them. He does not make any diagnoses, or provide any treatment. Braco’s Gaze alone is the way of sharing the gift with others.

  • After Braco leaves the stage, time will be offered for a few people to share their own experience who wish to do so. A session usually lasts 30-35 minutes.
  • Only adults (18 years or older) may gaze with Braco.
  • Women who are pregnant past their third month may not attend.
  • People with illnesses are advised to follow the recommendation of their doctor before and after their gazing experience.

Some people bring a photo of their children and other loved ones who are not able to gaze with Braco to create a loving connection for the non-gazing individual. 

Braco’s Voice

Alongside the impressive list of accounts about an encounter with Braco’s Gaze, there are also numerous reports describing the positive effects of Braco’s Voice.

This is why people visit Braco’s center at Srebrnjak 1 in Zagreb, Croatia, even when he is not there in person. In this form of experience, visitors are offered a brief introduction and then listen to a ten-minute recording of Braco speaking in his native Croatian. Most foreign visitors do not understand this language, yet even though they cannot appreciate the meaning of the words, some of such people still report warm feelings and sensations accompanied by positive experiences evoked while listening, and following a session in this form.

"The Voice" is also available on the DVD "From Spark To Flame" .

Live Streaming (watch video)

In 2010, a new form of experience with Braco's gift began to be offered regularly through online streaming with Braco gazing live, making the gift accessible in any country on home or office computers, tablets and smart phones.

The success of this way, reported by people, including those who are now meeting Braco’s Gaze for the first time, has been immediately confirmed by the large number of stories people have shared of well-being, life and outlook improvement. As in a gazing experience with Braco in person, people also hold photographs of loved ones they wish to be helped. Testimonials now abound about how the gift touched the lives of friends and family in this way too.

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