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  • NEW BOOK - Braco's Gaze 2

    In “Braco’s Gaze 2: The Unknown Infinity”, Professor Vladimir Gruden, M.D., expands the quest to understand the unseen forces behind Braco’s giving gaze that began in book one, by now showing peopl...
  • DVD - Seeds of Awakening

    It is a single powerful thought, a modest wish or a quiet moment that makes the seed of a connection. Something invisible begins to grow within us, opens us and sets in train the awakening from our...
  • BOOK - Braco's Gaze

    Braco’s Gaze - The Unknown Infinity, By Dr. Vladimir Gruden. This book is outrageously, fabulously and refreshingly alive with hope! Dr. Gruden is like Joseph Campbell and Master Yoda rolled i...
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