With Braco, comfort can be found in the warm familiarity of an encounter that opens our heart and enlivens hope once again

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  • Braco in America

    This video clip documents Braco's first ever journey to the Hawaiian islands. Set against the breathtaking landscape of the Big Island of Hawaii, Braco's work and the remarkable stories shared by t...
  • Braco’s Giving Gaze in Alekseyevka, Belgorod region

    Braco´s first trip to Russia created deeply touching and impressing moments and experiences and the souls...
  • Braco at the United Nation's Tillman Chapel

    On November 16th, 2012, Braco was selected to be the featured guest for a special event at the Tillman Chapel, Church Center of the United Nations in New York City. He was introduced as "an ambassa...
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  • DVD: Paradigm Shift

    Paradigm Shift is a journey to transformation, documenting the changes in human consciousness experienced by thousands in 2011, the germinations of light and hope gently calling forth the beginning...
  • DVD: Journey to Braco

    SPEND TIME WITH BRACO... This inspiring film offers a panoramic feast for the eyes, the heart and the spirit. Join Braco on his first journey across the East Coast and into the Midwest, while witne...
  • Book: 21 Days with Braco

    By Angelika Whitecliff. "A new possibility of transformation and awakening for humanity has emerged. And it comes in the most mysterious of ways! In the Balkan country of Croatia, a man has risen ...
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